About Us

Carousel Cases Inc. was started by a law enforcement professional with an affinity for challenge coins. Originally associated with the military, these coins are a symbol of a unit, company, division, department, etc., and the individual identity of the same is intertwined with its lore from its past, usually stepped in heroism and history.

Challenge coins have grown significantly in popularity and are associated with various entities including the military and law enforcement, as well as the private sector. As we all know, a coin has two sides and the uniqueness of a challenge coin is the story each side tells. Until recently, coin displays only allowed for half the story to be told – like reading just the cover of a book.

Our coin cases have enabled the coin’s entire story to be told by allowing the viewing of both facings by an admirer with a simply rotation of the display panel.

Carousel Cases are uniquely designed to enhance the viewing pleasure of your collection:

  • Spinning sleeves allow for easy viewing of both facings
  • Sturdy aluminum frames provide enhanced durability
  • Protects the collectibles, no handling necessary
  • Prevents loss of collectibles
  • Offers a stylish and elegant display enhancing the décor of any office, study, etc.
  • Makes efficient use of space